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Hey, it’s Ollie. I designed Prime Evolution to bring together everything I learned from my time in the Special Forces and on TV’s SAS: Who Dares Wins. I’m pumped to show you this 360° mind and body training programme run by BREAK-POINT HQ. The skills you’ll gain will help you overcome even the greatest challenge.

  • Ready to see visible changes in your body?
  • Fired up to achieve incredible progress?
  • Want expert coaching in mindset and nutrition?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You’re ready. Prime Evolution will help you get through frustrating plateaus, push your fitness to the next level, and achieve anything. All with the close support and guidance of the BRF team and me, plus full back up of my company BREAK-POINT.

Commit to our 12-week challenge. We’ve got your back.

12 Week Challenge Course


What Exactly Is Prime Evolution?

Our 12-week programme is much more than a physical training system. It’s an all-round plan to optimise your mindset, nail down nutrition, and get you into incredible athletic shape.

Prime Evolution was inspired by the mindset of special forces operatives and elite military units. Let us show you how to tackle your mindset and emotions - all the stuff that’s held you back in the past. Develop better daily habits, excellent nutrition, and effective physical training. Get it from the horse’s mouth and see how to introduce elite skills into everyday life.

Who Is It For?

Honestly? Prime Evolution is a challenge, but it’s completely accessible for all levels. Wherever you start, you’ll be amazed by your progress. Strength, body composition, mindset, and nutritional habits to set you up for life.

Evolve to a better version of you. The one you were born to be.

The Coaches

  • Ollie Ollerton: Special Forces Mindset
  • David Tilston: Fitness & Wellbeing Expert
  • Holly Brown: Qualified Nutritionist

What Do I Get?

  • Weekly Video Workouts
  • Weekly Mindset Training
  • Weekly Nutrition Plan
  • Daily Recipes
  • Library Of Training Video Tutorials
  • Closed Prime Evolution Facebook Group

Workouts: Strength, Conditioning, Fitness

  • Access 100+ online instructional videos
  • Can be done anywhere
  • No equipment needed
  • Bodyweight workouts
  • Improve strength, conditioning, mobility, cardiovascular health, balance

Mindset: Performance Beyond Your Limitations

  • Regular mindset challenges
  • Ongoing motivation
  • Constant guidance and support

Nutrition: Peak Performance

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Simple to follow recipes
  • Achieve your peak mental and physical state

Team Support

  • Ongoing support from expert coaches
  • Change how you think, feel, and perform
  • Gain mindset, fitness, and nutrition knowledge
  • Motivation, encouragement, and guidance

Sign up for the challenge, and the whole team will be with you. Prime Evolution support has the full backup of BREAK-POINT’s platform, email and social media.

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12 Week Challenge Course


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