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There can be massive variables in protein content, quality and how your body can use the protein. Our 90% whey isolate is incredibly pure and high in protein. No fillers, no extras and none of the stuff you’re trying to avoid. Just pure protein. 

  • 28g protein per serving
  • Flavoured with real cocoa
  • Perfect for post workout
  • Less than 1g of sugar per serving
  • Less than 1g of fat per serving

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Our protein powder comes in 2 tubs, so that you can take one with you on the go and keep one at home. 

This means you’ll always be ready for battle (and able to drink a shake instead of caving in to a craving for a chocolate bar)

Protein is essential, so it’s important that you have yours on you for whenever hunger strikes between meals. 

Our whey isolate 90% comes from real dairy whey. The herds are given no hormones and no antibiotics.

It then goes through cross-flow microfiltration which preserves more of the protein. This means it comes out victorious with a protein content of 90%. 

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) has a protein content of around 78-80%. 90% protein in our Whey Isolate means there’s less room for carbohydrate, lactose, sugar and fat in your shake. 

Drink this shake after your workouts to refuel your muscles, ensure optimised muscle repair and support your bone density. 

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